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  • 2. Save time and resources by automating processes
  • 3. Make informed decision-making with timely and pertinent data
  • Ultimately making Business Stakeholders’ lives easy.

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Meet Digital Drivers
to Catalyze Growth ?

Effective growth in today’s dynamic markets largely depends on digital transformation, or the use of digital technologies to create or improve business processes and customer experiences. 60% of executives acknowledge the crucial role that enterprise digital transformation plays in improving customer experience, productivity, and overall business success, according to a PwC study. Navigating this transformational journey, however, can be difficult, particularly for businesses with limited internal resources. ITfiers steps in at this point. As a dependable partner, we help businesses accomplish their objectives for digital transformation. According to Deloitte’s analysis, small businesses that possess digital tools and are technologically advanced can reap significant advantages. They have significant revenue growth, make twice as much money per employee, and are three times more likely to open up new locations and hire workers. Small businesses can boost sales, expand their market reach, promote their brands, and encourage teamwork, creativity, and employee happiness by utilising digital tools. Allow ITfiers to assist you in utilising new digital capabilities to draw in clients and obtain a competitive advantage.



Excutives recognize critical role of enterprise digital transformation


Excutives recognize critical role of enterprise digital transformation


Discover Our Range Of Services

Web App Development Services

Customized Web App Development Services

Our bespoke web and mobile app development services enable companies to increase productivity and optimise processes. Businesses can automate repetitive tasks, saving a significant amount of time and minimising errors, by utilising specialised applications like project management systems, inventory management systems, attendance and payroll systems, and invoice generation systems. Research indicates that companies that use custom applications see notable gains, like a 28% boost in output and a 26% increase in worker efficiency (Forrester Consulting, 2018). Additionally, custom applications result in a 27% increase in customer satisfaction and a 32% increase in productivity (Salesforce, 2021). Additionally, they minimise errors by 20% and cut costs by 18%, resulting in revenue growth of up to 9% (McKinsey & Company, 2021). (Gartner, 2021).

Looking for an application to improve your business processes? ITfiers have got you covered!

Business Insights

Data Analytics and Reporting

Our expert team creates stunning and customized dashboards to visualize KPIs, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions. With descriptive analytics, we uncover trends and patterns in your historical data, enabling comprehensive business enhancement. Our predictive analytics employs advanced statistical modeling and machine learning to anticipate future trends, empowering informed decision-making.

Let the numbers speak for themselves. Did you know that up to 73% of data remains untapped? With ITfiers, you won’t miss out on the valuable insights hidden within your data. In fact, companies leveraging big data enjoy better strategic decision making (69%), improved operational control (54%), and a deeper understanding of customers (52%).

Embrace the power of data-driven decision making. Organizations with customer insights are 23 times more likely to acquire new clients and six times more likely to retain them. Furthermore, by fully embracing big data analytics, businesses can witness operating margins soar by up to 60%.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Our AI and automation services enable companies to increase accuracy and efficiency while reducing processes and minimising manual labour. Businesses can save time and resources by optimising tasks and implementing process automation through the use of Python, Google Workspace, Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier, and Make in RPA automation. In addition, we provide advanced AI solutions like object detection, face recognition, and OCR, as well as data mining and automated testing. According to studies, automation increases efficiency by decreasing mistakes, improving speed and quality, and even producing results that are beyond the scope of what humans can accomplish. Businesses that use AI and automation see a remarkable 33% increase in productivity, which frees them up to concentrate on innovative projects and strategic initiatives. Moreover, 51% of companies use automation programmes to increase productivity, and a McKinsey survey found that digital customer interactions are three times more common, improving the customer experience.

Business Process Improvement/Automation

Google Workspace Management/Automation

Our Google Workspace consultants and experts help you improve your productivity and smooth business operations. We help you in data migration, change management, google environment operations and many others to help your business build eternal success. We help you migrate the data and optimize your environment for better operations and management. ITfiers’ Google Workspace experts provide you with fast and efficient support for workspace security assessments and migration to Google Workspace. We help you enhance collaboration and responsiveness by using Google Drive, sheets, docs, presentations, calls, meetings, calendars, and many others.

Be our partner and get help in the migration and management of Google Workspace, Google Drive, Google Voice, and more!

Our Approach

We believe in a collaborative client-centered approach, where we work closely with our clients to gather initial requirements and conduct follow-up meetings as needed to ensure we’re on the right track. Our team of experts focuses on delivering quality web applications that are not only functional but also align with your vision.

We prefer regular communication and feedback loops to incorporate your input at every stage of development. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering user-friendly web applications that drive results for your business.

We automate your business processes by checking integration using different technologies. We identify your business needs first, then start planning to automate your business. From scripting to deployment and implementation, we create unique solutions. Moreover, the automation does not end with the development and integration; we assist the clients with continuous maintenance. With this strategy, we ensure swift operations to drive your business success. 

Our data analytics and reporting approach comprises three key steps: accumulation, integration, and implementation. We gather and unify data from diverse sources, ensuring its quality through cleansing and standardization. We create customized reports and dashboards for informed decision-making.


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Testimonial That Speak Louder Than Our Words

  • Hassam has many good attributes which make him good to work with on google apps script projects.
  • 1. He consistently displays a high level of professionalism and integrity, earning the trust and respect of colleagues and clients alike.
  • 2. He possesses a keen eye for detail and consistently delivers work of the highest quality, ensuring meticulous attention to even the smallest of tasks.
  • 3. He effectively prioritizes tasks and manages resources, optimizing efficiency and achieving results in a timely manner.
  • 4. He sets expectations well – he manages his time, and reports realistic timelines.
  • 6. He consistently seeks feedback and actively works to improve, demonstrating a commitment to personal and professional growth.”
  • 7. He excels at setting expectations, effectively managing his time, and providing realistic timelines in his reports.
  • 8. He consistently delivers exceptional results, demonstrating a strong commitment to quality and excellence.
  • 9. He exhibits outstanding analytical skills, swiftly identifying key insights and opportunities for improvement.
  • Damien Blenkinsopp — KSCR UK (Health Sector)
  • Hassam’s varied expertise and cooperative spirit make him a key player in Google Apps Script projects.
  • 1. His dedication to delivering high-quality work and his ability to adapt to new challenges make him an invaluable team member
  • 2. Hassam’s strategic thinking and analytical mindset enable him to uncover valuable insights and drive business growth.
  • 3. Hassam’s creativity and innovative thinking bring fresh perspectives to every project, inspiring her team to push boundaries.
  • 4. Hassam’s excellent problem-solving abilities and his willingness to take on new challenges make him an asset to any team.
  • 6. He consistently delivers exceptional results, demonstrating unwavering dedication to quality and excellence.
  • 7. His strong work ethic and attention to detail ensure accuracy and precision in every aspect of Google Apps Script projects.
  • 8. Hassam’s effective time management and resource allocation optimize efficiency and drive successful outcomes in Google Apps Script endeavors.
  • 9. He consistently provides clear communication and realistic timelines, fostering transparency and trust in Google Apps Script project progress.
  • Jennifer Smith — Tech Corp (Technology Industry)

Testimonial That Speak Louder Than Our Words


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